Prayer is a calling.
Prayer is also a response to a calling.
Prayer is listening.
Prayer is a presence.
Prayer is a lamp, aflame with Jesus.
Prayer is a watch in the night.
Prayer is a language.
Prayer is a silence.
Prayer is a seeking and also a finding.
Prayer is an openness inundated with wonder.
Prayer is wonder inundated with God.
Prayer is astonishment.
Prayer is chanted melody with words and wordless singing in the heart.
Prayer is a life for the glory of God.
Prayer is bread, kneaded with the agony of the world for the miracle of
Prayer is a sacrifice, Liturgy, Mass.
Prayer is a love at the heart of the Church.
Prayer is the healing of breaches, a building of bridges, a breaking of
Prayer is a service, a power, world girdling.
Strong with compassion, prayer is a way.
Prayer is a life for the life of the Church.
Prayer is a spring of psalms in the thirsty noon.
Prayer is a living water welling within us. . .a water that murmurs,
“Come to the Father”.
Prayer is desire.
Prayer is plowing of ground ordained to fruitfulness.
Prayer is a hunger, and food for hunger.
Prayer is a giving. . .also a gift.
Prayer is wholeness.
Prayer is a depth in the smile of eyes.
Praying is a sharing of burdens.
Prayer is a bond as strong as Christ.
Prayer is a communion.
Prayer is a discipline leading to freedom.
Prayer is a simple yes to God.
Prayer is a burning desert where the steel of love is tempered in white
hot furnaces.
Prayer is a searing by the truth, but also a delighting in the truth.
Prayer is joy.
Prayer is anguish, agony, dying. . .shattered by unthinkable
Prayer is a paradox.
Prayer is a stillness.
Prayer is a peace.
Prayer is a rhythm of quiet breathing, and beat of hear.
Prayer is a consecration, commitment, and oblation.
Prayer is nothingness filled with the All.
Prayer is the smashing of jars and spilling of nard.
Prayer is life for the life of the world.

This is my well-beloved Son, my chosen One.
Listen to Him!
As voice died away,
Jesus stood there alone.
And the disciples kept silence. . .


3 Responses to “Prayer”

  1. 1 pastorsenyonga October 13, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    This is very good. God has blessed you with a talent and I am glad that you are using it. May God Bless you richly!

  2. 2 ministerleya January 21, 2011 at 12:21 am

    So profound!!! Thank you so much for releasing this….

  3. 3 Michael Reynolds January 27, 2011 at 11:55 pm

    I have been writing about prayer, so I thought I would do a search to see what other people are writing about the topic. Thanks for your post.


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